The 7 Most Important Days of Your Therapy

What your first 7 days should look like. Each day builds on the day before. Get all the tips, tricks, and most common questions answered.

Day 1 – Most Important Video To Watch.

Day 2 – Maximize Your Decompression.

Day 3 – Sit and Decompress Tips

Day 4 – Listen and Learn More Tips.

Day 5 – You Should Be Feeling The Magic By This Day.

Day 6 – Stretched Out and Loose, FAQ’s Answered.

Day 7 – Week Is Done and More FAQ’s Answered. 

More Informative Videos

The above video is our very first video of the harness. Slight updates have been made, but the overall appearance and how it works has not changed. 

The above video is our latest version. Our latest version is an inflatable harness. Both versions are available.