I’ve been a chiropractor since 2003. Graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Since then, I have had my opportunity to put my chiropractic skills to work.

One thing that I felt needed addressed was what a patient can do outside of the chiropractic visit. Let’s face it, the visit in my office was short in duration compared to the day and the life of the patient. An average visit may be 10-20 minutes in the office doing therapies and getting adjusted.

What are patients like yourself doing after you leave the office? Life stuff, right? Lifting, bending, twisting, and taking on whatever needs to be done. What if in the other times outside the office you could get some of the best therapy available!

I asked myself could I make a product that my patients could use at home and get life changing therapy while not in my office. The answer is yes, and that product is what you found here.

I invented this when I noticed a lack of simplicity for spinal decompression, a therapy that should be done by every single person on the planet. The reason spinal decompression is so effective comes from the benefits of decompressing your spine.

Think of spinal decompression like you think of brushing your teeth! You brush your teeth because you want your teeth to last a long time. You brush every day and sometimes twice. The reason you do that is to maintain them.

Maintenance is the key!

Spinal decompression is the therapy to keep your spine healthy for a very long time.  If your new to chiropractic or spinal decompression don’t worry. Sit and Decompress makes decompression simple and with the new inflatable version, you get more comfort and decompression.

In closing, I hope whatever you’re trying to fix in your back you recover from quickly. Even if you have had this back condition for a long time, there is still hope. Since selling my first Sit and Decompress in 2015 to customer in Hawaii and listening to feedback from customers and patients, I know you will have the success of those that already used this life changing product.

I wish you the best of health!

Dr. Josh Dorsey Chiropractor / Inventor / Friend