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Finally, A Home Therapy That Will Fix Your Low Back Pain, Possibly As Fast As One Treatment.

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Approved By The FDA To Treat Low Back Pain

10 questions to see if Sit and Decompress can help you!

Ask Yourself these 10 questions to see if Sit and Decompress can help you!

If you answered YES to any of the questions, then Sit and Decompress will help you.

  1. Do you have back stiffness?
  2. Do you have back pain?
  3. Do you have numbness and tingling?
  4. Do you have radiating pain in your buttocks or leg?
  5. Do you have numbness in your foot?
  6. Do you take Advil, Tylenol or any medication to manage you low back pain?
  7. Do you have a diagnosed disc injury – slipped disc, herniated, bulge, or protrusion?
  8. Do you have scoliosis?
  9. Have you gone to the physical therapist for your back?
  10. Have you considered surgery for your back pain?
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Everything You Need To Know About Your Low Back Pain and How Sit and Decompress Can Help Is In This 7 Minute Video.

Did you Know? 95% of Low Back Pain Is Caused By Compression To Your Spine
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Think about this for a second. Without gravity squeezing and compressing your spine it would almost be impossible to experience back pain. This is why spinal decompression is such a valuable therapy. 


Sit and Decompress is a home spinal decompression therapy to improve your low back pain in as little as one day. 

Your spine works somewhat like a spring. It can bend twist, compress, and decompress and become rusty and worn out. 

Spinal Decompression with Sit and Decompress can eliminate the damage caused by compression and keep your spine from building up rust.

Spinal Decompression is often found in physical therapist and chiropractic offices. You may have heard of the inversion table or DRX9000 these are just fancy names for spinal decompression. 

80% of our customers get relief day one.

If this does not happen to you, that is ok, you will get relief within the first week.

Sit and Decompress uses gravity and your body weight to stretch and decompress your spine. By strapping and securing your upper body into the harness this allows your mid and lower spine to decompress. 

Similar to a spring with a weight on the end. Your legs and lower body along with gravity provide the perfect amount of weight to decompress your spine.  

The advantage of this technique over any other spinal decompression is that you can adjust how much decompression you feel by simply using your legs more or less. 

If you completely relax your legs you will get the most decompression, but if you have back pain with a disc injury you may want to decompress slowly. To decompress slowly you simply use your legs more. 

As you improve you use your legs less to increase spinal decompression. 

You can expect a 50% increase in your disc space while hanging with Sit and Decompress. 

Great question! Sit and Decompress was designed by Dr. Josh Dorsey. He is the guy in the pictures and videos. His expertise in spinal decompression was founded in his chiropractic practice. 

He noticed a need for his patients to do more than just come to his office and do therapy. Three days a week of chiropractic treatment was good but he thought daily spinal decompression could be beneficial. 

He soon discovered that daily spinal decompression changed his patients outcome drastically and often patients would recover within days instead of weeks of treatment. 

This was good and bad.

The good part is that the patients were improving quickly, the bad part was that the visits that he was counting on from the insurance payments were dwindling because now patients were getting better in 1-2 weeks versus 6-12 weeks. 

To offset the losses of patient visits, he started to sell the harness online and here on his website for everyone to use. Now anyone can use his therapy. 

Spinal decompression is the best therapy you can do to improve your spine’s health. Compare spinal decompression to brushing your teeth. 

Why do you brush your teeth? This may seem silly to consider but you brush because you want to maintain healthy teeth. Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. 

Your spine is the same. With proper maintenance your spine should be healthy and pain free your entire life. 

For those that are injured and in pain, spinal decompression is the fastest way for recovery. Removing pressure from the damaged tissue allows that tissue to heal at a faster rate and to heal properly. 

Spinal decompression allows the free flow of nutrients to heal your damaged spine. 

Anyone young to old and every back condition between can benefit from Sit and Decompress. Once your condition has improved you will want to continue using it for the maintenance and improved health of your spine (Think brushing your teeth). 

Maintenance for you could be using Sit and Decompress once a week or it could be once a month. 

Your body will tell you when its time to decompress.

It is hard to believe that doctors are looking to make money on you. Instead of offering what is best for you, Doctor’s often give bad advice in order for them to make more money. 

This product is a perfect example of this scenario. Often you the patient are offered a spinal decompression package that costs $100-200 per visit and are told that your insurance does not cover spinal decompression therapy. 

Your doctor will want you to come in for 20 visits for a total care package of $4000. Does this sound familiar?

Couple of things to consider.

  1. Your condition will return once therapy is stopped. It may take a month or a year. But it will return.
  2. Are you going to purchase another package for $4000 every time your back flares up?
  3. Did your doctor offer any alternatives to the therapy they are offering? 
  4. Why do you think the doctor does not want you to know about Sit and Decompress?

Sit and Decompress has been on the market for over 5 years and we have heard just about every reason why your doctor does not want you to use this.

Unfortunately, all the reasons are based on them knowing that they will not make that large amount of money off of you. 

If you have any questions about what your doctor says, call us, you can talk directly to the chiropractor/inventor and he can explain everything to you.  📞Direct Number: 614-706-7797

Most people will over stretch at first. Please don’t be that person. The reason I have found customers overstretch, they can feel the difference the first time they use it and want the problem to be fixed today. Most people want results now, not in a week. I totally understand this thinking, I think the same way. Remember thou, slow and steady is the key. 

  • Three minutes is the max you should do per day the first week. If after one week it is easy and your back can handle the stretch, add 1 minute for the following week. 
  • The goal here is not time. Don’t worry so much about time, this therapy is for you to feel better. Listening to how your spine feels before, during and after is the goal of the therapy.
  • Remember 3 minutes is max per day for the first week. If you feel it is to much time you can always decrease your time. 
  • Some conditions like a herniated discs may only let you stretch in neutral stance for 1-2 minutes. This is perfectly normal. Slow and steady is going to have the best results.

I’m glad you asked,  overstretching in the beginning will make you sore. With anything new, there is a slight learning curve for this therapy. Along with learning how to use the harness, doing to much in the beginning can also make your ribs sore. 

Compare this to training for a marathon (although I have never trained for one), slow incremental changes in running time allows for the desired outcome of finishing the marathon. Could you imagine trying to run a marathon without training. 

When doing Sit and Decompress you have to think long term because your spine will get better with this therapy. The formula is being consistent and following the plan. This will build the endurance, strength, and an overall healthier spine.  

This therapy is safe and effective for everyone although large chested women (D cup and larger) will have a difficult time and may not be able to use this therapy. 

Your rib cage and skin around your ribs can be sensitive. This sensitivity will decrease as you use the harness.

It may take a few days but your ribs and skin will accommodate to the harness and you will be able to use it more often. 

Similar to wearing a new pair of shoes. New shoes put different pressure on your feet. Often taking a couple days to “break them in” before they become comfortable for all day wearing. 

Four Steps to Get Started

Step 1 – Place chin up bar in doorway.

Step 2 – Attach Sit and Decompress to the chin up bar.

Step 3 – Wrap harness around ribs snugly.

Step 4 – Tighten all straps and you are ready to Sit and Decompress. Sit down slowly. 


Conditions That Improve Quickly Using Sit and Decompress Therapy

Four Stances To Stretch Every Part Of Your Low Back

Neutral Stance – Everyone starts here. Once strapped in you sit slowly down and this is when the magic starts. 

Right Leg Back Split Stance – This is the next stance to perform. Slide your right leg back and you should feel this stretch on the right side. 

Left Leg Back Split Stance – This should be performed next.  

Flexion Stance – This is the strongest stretch of all so be careful and only perform this when your spine can handle it. 


The single best investment in my health has been this product. Let me tell you, I did not think that this would work the way it does. 

I was desperate with back injury. I had a weight lifting injury 4 years ago with an MRI to show an L5/S1 disc herniation. I was having trouble sitting for last couple years and could not lift much more than 30lbs. I bought this as a last resort and read some reviews and it sounded too good to be true. How could this be better than spinal decompression at Chiropractors office?

This is the best product I have hands down, this is all I use now for my back. 

I am back golfing, lifting, and I can sit for as long as needed and the wild part is that this cost me less than one trip to the Dr. 

Thank you Dr. Dorsey for inventing this product. 

-Chris from California

My father has spinal stenosis from working as a truck driver. He was having pain while standing and had numbness into his legs. 

The x-rays showed arthritis with degenerative disc disease. He had been to what seemed like every specialist and doctor on the planet with little help. Really frustrating trying to help your dad and no-one can. 

He purchased an inversion table many years back but he never used it much, didn’t like hanging from his ankles. 

We purchased Sit and Decompress trying to find anything to help. Within the week of using this product he noticed a difference and felt not so hunched over. He is able to walk further and can stand more upright. (He was slumped forward before). 

If you know anyone that has degenerative disc or spinal stenosis this is the product that can help the most. I wish we would have gotten this earlier but some doctors said it would not work. Well they were wrong. My dad has gotten more improvement from this than anything he has tried. Thank you Dr. Dorsey for a great easy product for his condition. 

-Bobbi from Florida 

My physical therapist recommended Sit and Decompress after my disc herniation. 

We were doing spinal decompression at the rehab facility and it was working but needed something to do at home for more help. 

Started to use this along with the other stretches and can not believe how much better I feel. 

-Kathy from New York

I wish someone would have recommended this therapy sooner to me. The time and money I have spent to try and fix my sciatica over the years has been in the $1000’s. Gone to chiropractor, massage therapy, physical therapist, taken medication. They seemed to help some but as soon as I stopped going my back got worse.

Sit and Decompress fixed it within a week. I got the most relief from the split stance. My right side was the trouble side.

I could not be happier. Thank you so much.

-Tom from Michigan

How to Size Harness

Sit and Decompress Size Chart

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to try Sit and Decompress and feel comfortable and satisfied with your purchase. 

If you are not satisfied with anything, just email or call us for help before you return. Often we can give you a tip to help you before you decide to return. 

You will be responsible for the return shipping. 

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