SIT AND DECOMPRESS – The Ultimate Low Back Stretch and Spine Realignment

Imagine a therapy so effective for low back pain, that you get relief the first time you try it.

This may seem like a bold statement, but it’s true.

The chances are you have not heard of Sit and Decompress therapy, but I am sure you have heard of the inversion table.

Sit and Decompress is like inversion table therapy except you don’t hang upside down and you get better decompression.

Sit and Decompress therapy was invented in 2014 by Dr. Josh Dorsey a chiropractor in Dublin, Ohio. The main purpose for inventing Sit and Decompress was to provide his patients a therapy that they could do at home.

Not satisfied with his choices in 2014, started his journey to invent the world’s best low back stretcher and spine realigning therapy called Sit and Decompress.

Check out the brief videos below to find out everything you need to know about Sit and Decompress Therapy.

Demonstration Videos Below / Both Versions Are Available. Inflatable Harness or Non-Inflatable Harness.

Latest Version Inflatable Sit and Decompress. (Not Available on Amazon)

Launched August 2021

Original version demonstration video.

Launched 2016. Slight updates have been made to improve this version.

What Dr. Dorsey Learned From This Therapy.

He noticed his patients getting faster results with less time than the other office therapies. He also saw the importance of daily decompression. Daily spinal decompression drastically improves spine health and alignment. Like what your dentists says about brushing your teeth every day. Brushing your teeth daily will keep your teeth and gums healthy. The same is true with Sit and Decompress therapy, daily use will keep your spine and alignment healthy.

Daily stretching of three-to six minutes with Sit and Decompress equaled results that far surpassed the other therapies he was using in his chiropractic office.

Did you know? You can pay with your FSA or HSA.

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The proof is in the X-RAY’s.

Sit and Decompress is the only therapy that can prove the therapy is working. The proof is in the X-RAY’s.

This proof is what separates Sit and Decompress from all the other therapies that claim they decompress the spine.

Inversion tables have no proof, the decompression table in your doctors or physical therapist office has no proof.

Why are the x-rays so important?

The x-rays demonstrate what you can expect when YOU use Sit and Decompress. If you are losing height from your spine compressing, you can gain that height back. If you have a disc injury that is pushing on a nerve, you can expect to fix the disc and remove the pressure from the nerve. If you have sciatic nerve pain, the nerve pain will be relieved. If you have scoliosis or uneven hips, your spine will be more balanced.

Spinal decompression with Sit and Decompress is the single best therapy you can do for your low back.

Top 10 positive results you can expect to gain using Sit and Decompress.

  • Low back disc space increasing by 50%
  • Nerve entrapment release
  • Scoliosis reduction to nearly straight
  • Degenerative disc reversed
  • Arthritis improved

  • Leveling of uneven hips and pelvis
  • Regeneration of disc height
  • Gain in height
  • Spinal stenosis relief
  • Sciatic nerve relief

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best therapy for your spine. Trusting your decision and getting the results that you thought were not possible.

Below are 4 cases or results.

Case 1. Customer uses this decompression therapy 5 years after surgery because surgery did not fix the space problem.

52-year-old male, post disc surgery at L5. Had a herniation removed 10 years prior. Left X-ray is standing, Right X-ray is hanging in the harness. 64% increase in space while in harness.

Case 2. Young active adult had to give up playing sports. He is now back to playing sports after using this therapy.

32-year-old with 12mm uneven hips. Has back pain while lifting and running. X-ray on the left is while hanging, X-ray on right is standing. Hanging in harness will lengthen the short muscles the left side.

Case 3. Young patient with severe Scoliosis sees there is hope and can treat the scoliosis.

18-year-old with severe scoliosis. X-ray on right is standing not in the harness. X-ray on left is in the harness hanging in neutral stance.

Almost complete reduction in Scoliosis Curve. (Reason for the quality differences in x-rays. X-ray on right was taken on a new digital x-ray vs. the x-ray on left taken on older machine in chiropractor’s office using plain films.)

Case 4. Maintenance care is what this customer is looking forward to. Keeping the discs healthy his entire life decompressing as need.

46-year-old standing left X-ray. In Sit and Decompress harness neutral stance x-ray on right. Compare where the red line starts and where it ends (follow left to right).

The starting point at the posterior part of the vertebrae. The line ends at the same point posterior part of the vertebrae. Do you see the ending point is much higher on the spine on the right? This indicates the spine has been stretched out.

To order directly from our website, click here.
All Payments Accepted.
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Treatment time starts with 3 minutes per day.

Is it hard to believe you can get back pain relief doing this therapy for 3 minutes per day? Most people are shocked that is all it takes, furthermore most notice improvement the first time they do Sit and Decompress.

As you increase your endurance you can slowly increase your time up to 6 minutes.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1. Place chin up bar in doorway. The chin up bar seen here is recommended although you can use any style you like.

Step 2. Set the harness up. Be sure to use the outside part of the bar.

Step 3. Wrap harness around chest. Top of harness should be at chest level. The harness is not to be wrapped around waist.

Step 4. Tighten overhead straps to take out slack webbing. Keep hands near chest and elbows tucked to ribs. This completes the setup.

4 Stances With Laser Like Focus To Target Your Problem.

Stance 1. Neutral Stance.

The magic starts with this stance. Sit straight down slowly. Be sure to keep elbow into side and relax into harness. You should feel immediate stretch.

Stance 2. Flexion Stance.

This stance will give the most stretch of all the stances. After 30 seconds to 60 seconds of stance 1 you will do this stance.

Stance 3. Split Stance

This stance will focus the stretch on the right side of you back. This is an excellent stretch for those that have uneven hips and a curved spine.

Stance 4. Left Split Stance

This will focus on the left side of spine. Just like Stance 3, excellent for uneven hips and those with pain on the left side. Giving you a 360 degree stretch of you low back and spine.

360 Degrees of Stretch.

When you combine the unmatched decompression and the different stances you get 360 degrees of stretch to your spine. Each part of your spine, front to back, side to side, and everywhere in between can be stretched and rejuvenated.


Measuring around your chest is the best way to get the correct size.

Suit coat size will also work.

Women measure over the bust.


We offer the inflatable Sit and Decompress in two sizes. Medium harness will fit 36-46 inch chest. Large harness will fit 46.5-53 inch chest.

Did you know? You can pay with your FSA or HSA.

To order directly from our website, click here.
To order from Amazon, click here.

Same day shipping when ordered before 2pm.

Orders ship USPS, Priority Mail. Delivery times from 1-3 days. Weekend orders ship on Monday.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If your not completely satisfied within 60 days you can return the product for a full refund. Shipping is non-refundable.

I would Recommend the Inflatable Spine Realignment Cushion

If you are looking to get the most out of your decompression therapy, you should also get the inflatable back pillow.

You use it after your decompression therapy to aid your spine alignment.

Check out the short video (4 minutes) to learn more.

New Inflatable Back Pillow Spine Realignment Cushion.