Get even better results when you add the lumbar realignment pillow to your therapy.

Besides decompressing your spine to give it the stretch and space to move easily. Your lumbar curve can be under stress from losing its shape. Correct your lumbar curve with this pillow. Use it while sitting in your office chair or in your car.

Use it after your Sit and Decompress therapy for the best relief and results.

The inflatable pillow can be adjusted to fit your need in any sitting situation.

Neuropathy Sit and Decompress 1

A loss in your lumbar curve will damage your spine. A lumbar curve is equivalent to good posture and alignment. Often when you have a loss of the lumbar curve you will see arthritis and degenerative discs. This makes sense when you consider how your spine is built and how it functions. The curves are used to counter-balance your body. Can you imagine having a straight up and down spine? You would need to lean backwards to keep your balance.

When you lose the lumbar curve this places stress on your vertebrae’s where there should not be stress. Your body responds by first trying to protect the area with tight muscles and pain to indicate the problem and then when it can’t protect the area, that area begins to deteriorate. This is considered a chronic problem now. Chronic just tells you that the problem has been there for an extended too long.