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Sciatica and how to get rid of it.

Sciatic pain is caused by compression on your nerves in your low back. The sciatic nerve is a bundle of nerves that start in your lower back and come together in your hip area. This sciatic nerve bundle is a large bundle similar in size to a quarter. Not everyone’s bundle is the same, but in general the sciatic nerve bundle once in your hip is about the size of a quarter. Running through the hip area it continues down into the back of your legs and makes its way to your toes.

Any pressure that is applied to the sciatic nerve can affect any part of your leg and to your foot. Some people will feel back of leg pain, and some may feel back of leg pain all the way to the foot. This depends on which branch or part of the nerve is compressed.

The reason for this pain and numbness?

Compression is the reason for your pain and discomfort. Typically, this compression on the nerve can be found in the low back. But you can also have compression in your hip caused by tight hip muscles. Since compression is the main cause of your problems what do you think would be a good treatment for compression? If you said decompression (the opposite of compression) you are correct.

Are you taking medications with little effect? Do you know why medicine has little effect?

You can’t numb nerves with oral medicine or Advil. Medication may take some of the edge off, but you still have nerve pain.

You may have heard of this comparison before, but it is worth hearing again. If you drive your car over a water hose and stop on the hose what happens? The water flow slows down. No matter how much you turn the faucet on, the water flow is decreased. You could say the water hose is compressed by the tire. To get the water flow back to normal, simply remove the compression.

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Removing the compression to relieve sciatic pain is simple.

You could go to the physical therapist or chiropractor. Both options are very typical, and you would probably get some relief. You would be doing exercises to strengthen your core. If you go to the chiro, you will probably get decompression therapy on the office decompression table.

The fastest way to relieve sciatic pain

The fastest way to relieve sciatic pain is Sit and Decompress. Some may get relief in 1 day although it will come back because the nerve is inflamed. Most people will have permanent relief after daily use for 1 week.

Sit and Decompress works by strapping your upper body into the harness and relaxing your legs to stretch your spine. This stretch elongates your spine relieving any curve or kink that can cause this compression on your nerve.

The three minutes a day treatment is enough to make space for your nerves and give you pain relief from the compression. Three minutes may not seem like a long time, but this unique back stretch is remarkably effective at focusing the therapy to the effected problem area. There are different stances that you can do to focus the therapy even more to your troubled area.

You may be wondering how fast can this work, are you able to get relief in one day?

Yes, you can get sciatic relief in one day, but it will not last. You must continue to decompress the nerves to give them room and time to heal. Typically, 1 week of use and you will be 50-75% better. You could be better by the end of the week it just depends on your condition, how bad do you have it.

How do you make more space in your spine?

You could remove some stuff, having surgery does this. But surgery is risky and surgery is a last resort option when nothing else helps. Rest assured that Sit and Decompress will help!

In conclusion, Sciatica can be thought of as a space issue, there is not enough space for your nerves to work properly. To make space for the nerve you must decompress your spine. Pain pills will not help. Decompression of your nerves is the only way to fix sciatica.

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