FAQs Sit and Decompress

Frequently asked questions and general information

Chiropractor Designed

The original Sit and Decompress was designed and launched in 2014. With success on the original, Dr. Dorsey wanted to give customers an even better decompression experience making it inflatable.

How old is too old?

That is a great question you need to ask yourself. Do you think you are too old for help? If you’re still going to the doctor, then you must think you can get better because you would stop going to the doctor if there was no hope. Right?

50% Increase in Disc Height?

If you have lost disc fluid from an old injury. You may have noticed you’re getting shorter or maybe some stiffness. You can now regenerate and regain the lost disc fluid with this therapy. Don’t be surprised if you’re family and friends mention you look taller.

Multiple Session a Day?

There will be a time when you can do multiple session a day. Typically, you do not need to do multiple session a day, but what we have learned is that customers and patients like the way their backs feel when they are stretched out and pain free. So many choose to do a session mid-day and a session in the evening.

Comfort for Women?

Women with large bust will have difficulty with therapy. It is just the nature of how this therapy works. It must grip the rib cage and the chest to stabilize that part of the spine. With the top part of the spine stabile, you can relax the lower spine and get the maximum stretch possible. If your bust size of D or larger I do not recommend you use the inflatable back stretcher.

What to do about Slippage of the Harness Up?

The most common issue we hear is slippage of the harness. This is typically caused by two things. 1. Setup is not right. Wrapping the harness around is the most important step of the therapy. If you don’t get a good wrap slippage occurs. 2. While in the harness not keeping your elbows tucked in your sides is a major cause of slippage. When you tuck your elbows into your ribs it makes your back larger preventing the harness to slip up.

Why Inflatable is Better?

Inflatable is a better harness because with air it can contour to anything. The inflatable harness contours to your body much easier than the original design. When the harness contours it can hold on to your ribs with ease, giving you a very comfortable experience while stretching your spine. The grip around your ribs is about 5x more grip than the original.

Life Changing Therapy?

It is difficult to describe what relief feels like. Relief is different for everyone, would you agree? One thing is for sure, and you are no different, you will feel different after you use this product. This product is that good.

If you have tried every other therapy like so many of our customers. They all say the same things, “this is so simple, and it works,” or “I’ve been to every doctor and spent lots of $$$ with no results.” I get this product and I feel better after a couple treatments.

What is your warranty?

You have a 6-month warranty on the product for any defects. We have been using the same fabric and components for several years with no issues or problems.

Can I use my HSA account to purchase?

Yes, you can.

To use your HSA or Flex spending account simply use it like a credit card at checkout.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

You have 60 days to try it and see if it will work for you. You will know much sooner than 60 days. You will know within the first 3 days if it is going to help.

Are my expectations too high?

You may expect relief and improvement day one, in fact most customers feel something different after the first use.

Many people do get improvement after the first treatment. If it does not happen to you, don’t be alarmed, expect improvement very soon, usually within the week.

First Treatment Is Only 3 Minutes?

Your first week of treatment is only 3 minutes per day every day. You may be thinking that does not seem like much, and it is not much when you compare it to going to therapy and doing 30 minutes’ worth of stretches and exercises. But this is a completely different stretch that I can say you have never felt before.

Second Week of Therapy Is 4 Minutes?

If your body is responding in a positive direction. You will want to start adding more time to your therapy. You only add time when the 3 minutes is easy for you. Many back conditions will require you to stay at 3 minutes for several weeks.

Disc injuries are slower to heal than other injuries. If this is you, you may need to stay at 3 minutes for 2-4 weeks to allow that disc to rehydrate and heal over. Listen to what your body is telling you. It wants to feel better, remember slow and steady wins races. It also wins you a healthy pain free back.

What is the Maximum Time?

Six to eight minutes we have found to be the sweet spot of this decompression therapy. If you do more its ok, but there are diminished returns after 6-8 minutes. In other words, doing 12 minutes in one session can be beneficial but not as beneficial as less time, say 6 minutes, twice daily.

Still Not Convinced This Is For You?

Send the doctor an email with your question, he typically answers within a couple hours.